We create impactful videos for world changing organizations

Education Videos that Demonstrate Academic Success

We work with institutions and funders who are revolutionizing education through policy, technology, and community engagement.

Climate Action Videos that inspire a cleaner tomorrow

We work with enterprises, municipalities, and policy organizations to distill complex topics and motivate environmental responsibility.

Health and Science Videos that promote advancements in technology and wellbeing

We work with research firms, advocacy groups, and government agencies working to raise public awareness and improve health outcomes.

Patchbay On Demand: A flexible solution for consultants and agencies

If you don’t have in-house video capabilities, work with our team of producers, editors, and animators to create simple videos quickly and affordably. 


Your organization is making a difference. People should know about it. At Patchbay, we specialize in animated, documentary-style, and remotely-produced videos for awareness, advocacy, and fundraising.

We are an award-winning video production agency working with nonprofits, charities, and government agencies (and the consultants and agencies that support them). We produce delightful, informative, and heartwarming videos that strengthen the impact of ideas, campaigns, initiatives, and events.

our process


We don’t want to be a vendor, we want to be a partner. We’ll help you identify your target audience, then based on your budget and timeline, we’ll offer creative direction, and script & storyboard development that will achieve the greatest impact


Video comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does the production process. Depending on your unique needs, this may include on-location filming, graphic design & animation, or conducting interviews remotely.


Our expert storytellers make the most of the footage we capture and the assets you provide. With our custom project dashboard and video review platform, you can be as involved as you’d like as we bring your vision to life.

We’ve Made Videos For

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Let’s Amplify Your Impact With Video

Grab time on our calendar to discuss, or send us a note about your project. 

Let’s Amplify Your Impact With Video

Grab time on our calendar to discuss, or send us a note about your project.