An affordable, flexible way for agencies and consultants to create professional video for their clients

Why use Patchbay On Demand?

Unlock the power of captivating social media videos that drive awareness, engagement, and sales by partnering with us.

Deliver more value

Partner with us to start offering video to your clients.

Make more money

Increase your agency’s monthly retainer by $1,000 or more by adding 1-2 videos per month for each client.


Our professional animators and video editors are experienced and proven.

Unlimited Assets

Your subscription includes access to our extensive libraries of stock music, b-roll footage, and graphics.

Footage + Animation

If you don’t have photos or videos to start with, we’ll create an animated video from scratch!

Cancel Anytime

No videos this month? No problem. Start and stop as you need.

Example Work

Since 2017, we’ve made over 650 videos for 14 agency partners. These agency clients include charities and nonprofits, associations, universities, think tanks, government agencies, and more. Watch some of our favorites:

our process:

Intake Form

Fill out a short intake form to tell us about your client and the video you need to make for them.

Write Storyboard

Spend 10 or 15 minutes writing a short storyboard. Our experts can guide you through the process.

Upload Content

Upload your storyboard and assets to our custom dashboard. Include relevant photos, footage, and graphics you’d like to use. There’s no limit to how much stuff you can send us.

After that, you can expect to see a cut of your first video in 48 hours!

Simple Pricing


One Video.



Unlimited videos per month, delivered one at a time.



Unlimited videos per month, multiple videos at the same time.

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Let’s Amplify Your Impact With Video

Grab time on our calendar to discuss, or send us a note about your project. 

Let’s Amplify Your Impact With Video

Grab time on our calendar to discuss, or send us a note about your project.